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They Are Everywhere

They start inside the city limits - waterfalls, that is.
Highlands is blessed with having numerous scenic and accessible “water features” that are beautiful throughout the year.

One of the most picturesque draws to anyone coming to Highlands are its waterfalls.

Lake SequoyahNumerous falls are easily accessible/viewable from Hwy. 64 West between Highlands and Franklin. With one (Bridal Veil Falls) accessed by driving underneath!

As you drive towards Franklin you will pass the spillway of Lake Sequoyah (above) and then about 1/4 mile further pass under and behind Bridal Veil Falls. After Bridal Veil comes the newly renovated parking and viewing area for Dry Falls. The US Forest Service has finally revamped the access and built a new elevated viewing platform at Dry Falls. Of course, you can still walk down the slippery steps and experience the spray from behind the falls.

As you travel further you will need to park along the road and “explore” some of the other falls which can’t be seem from the road but are only a few steps away. The next falls which are seen from the road are Quarry Falls - locally known as Bust-Your-Butt - where the kids love to jump into a pool at the bottom... must be a rite of passage for youthful testosterone! The last and largest falls on the Cullasaja River is Cullasaja Falls. Located in “the gorge”, parking is very limited along the road and a not the best spot for cars, but worth the risk.

We can not express firmly enough how dangerous these and all waterfalls are to the daring and unwary visitor. Numerous people are injured or die every year by slipping from waterfalls or being pinned by water pressure.

Have fun but don’t be a statistic!
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