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Gorgeous - As Always

One of the most beautiful times in Highlands and Cashiers is when we are covered in a thick blanket of snow.

This year we started early and big with almost 15 inches of early winter snow on December 9th. It's a time when the sounds of hustle and bustle are muffled and the tweets of Slate Colored Juncothe birds and the whisper of falling snow is a thing to behold.

As we enjoy sitting by the fire and taking a deep breath of relaxation, let us not forget our feathered friends outside who must weather through the cold and bluster.

Remember to keep your feeders filled and the seed dry. Wet seed encourages mold and bacteria which can be deadly to birds, especially when they are physically stressed by the cold weather.

Keep your feeders in a sheltered place out of the wind, but in a location that allows birds to seek refuge in bushes and trees between visits to the feeder.

Last but certainly not least, keep your bird feeders high enough off the ground to prevent bears from paying an unwelcome visit. Those high-priced feeders don't stand a chance against a bear looking for a snack!
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