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Fall is Here

These are the beautiful times! Everywhere you look the trees are ablaze with color. Every turn, every bend in the road brings a new experience.

Fall is in full swing in Highlands and the mountains of Western North Carolina.
Oak leaves in the fall

The colors are good this year and cooler weather has come at last. The leaf color is just about at its peak for some trees and others will follow in the next week or so - if we don’t get a lot of wind, which will strip the leaves from the trees.

The crisp fall air and smell of the wood fires are always invigorating to the spirit and soul. Don’t miss this annual treat.

Real estate has also begun to pick up quite a bit.

It seems like buyers are realizing that interest rates will not go any lower, and many of them are stepping into the market. There are certainly some fabulous homes and deals to be had at this particular time. If you are in the market to pick up that second home for prices that have not been seen in years, now is the time to strike.

Don’t miss this opportunity.