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Signs of Fall

Katy Did... No, Katy Didn’t
You can tell when it is really starting to be fall in Highlands, NC. That's when the katydids stop and the crickets take over - in the afternoon!

The old folks used to say that when you hear the first katydids, it would be nine weeks until the first frost.

Well, after many years of listening and counting, I have learned they were a little off.

Katydids are related to crickets, and for the most part, live in trees and shrubs and are nocturnal. If you haven't experienced katydids on a late summer evening, then you have not lived. They start about dark and keep up the racket until 2 or 3 in the morning. After a while you get used to them.

At this point, their chatter is about over and the fall crickets have taken over... until the first freeze!