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Is Confidence Coming Back?

Real Estate in Highlands, North Carolina is finally starting to move again.

Highlands NC Home
It has been a long time since home sales in Highlands have been on the positive side of anyones conversation.

After four years of virtual stand-still, real estate in Highlands seems to be on the upswing.

Thankfully the foreclosures and short sales have been at a minimum when compared to the rest of the country, but we have had our share. Those homes are just about cleared out of the inventory, and well priced, non-distressed homes are now starting to move at a good pace.

Land and lots are still weathering through some tough times, but when you can buy a home for less than the price to construct, many folks are finding the “instant gratification” hard to resist. If you are looking for that perfect piece of dirt to call your own there are plenty of GREAT BUYS on raw land.

Highlands has always been the place to escape, and for many reasons
now seems to be the right time.