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Snowing in Highlands

There is nothing like snow in Highlands.

A veritable winter wonderland of icicles, crackling fires, crisp temperatures and snow laden trees.
Snowfall sunrise

Did we say Fall was beautiful here in Highlands?

Well........ You haven’t seen anything until you see this wonderful town wrapped in a blanket of fluffy snow.

Highlands is such a magical place all 365 days of the year, but it doesn’t get any better than when the town is covered in snow. Everything is so quiet you can hear the sound of snowflakes falling through the trees, and nothing beats the smell of wood fires in the air.

As you walk through the woods you can hear the birds looking for something to eat before they retreat to that sheltered branch for the evening.
This winter has also provided enough cold weather for Harris Lake to freeze over, thereby allowing an old Highlands winter pastime of skating on the lake. When you get cabin fever, the majority of shops are open for business during this slower time of the year, and warmly welcome anyone who drops by.

Don’t miss the spectacular seasons - all four of them - in Highlands, North Carolina.